Founded in 2000 in Burnsville (Minnesota), Amer Electric Motion is Amer Group’s distribution and support center for North America.
Our specialization is the design of solutions for motorization and electric handling: AC and DC motors, gearmotors, traction systems, electronic boards, linear motion systems, alternators, PMG and voltage regulators.
Amer Group is an international team of 9 companies and one brand: we work in total synergy all over the world, ensuring the highest standards of technological innovation, quality and customization.
Being present where the market calls: this is the philosophy of our group, to ensure knowledge of the markets and quick, qualified and customized answers.

Discover Amer Group solutions

Our philosophy is to be a unique and totally reliable Partner for our customers. We design solutions that are designed to be integrated with each other, drastically shortening the lead-time and eliminating the problems of dialogue between components, both hardware and software.
The result of this approach are integrated solutions perfectly optimized and efficient, meticulously adapted to the needs of our partners' products and able to enhance their performance.
Our specialized know-how is the result of continuous investments in skills and technologies. Our R&D teams work according to the idea of a total synergy between mechanics, electronics and information technology.

Together, we move it!

We have always focused on our customers: we like to consider you a real partner and share solutions and successes with you, transferring the maximum possible value to your business.
In dealing with each new project, we start from you and your knowledge, to develop together the best solutions. In this way, we realize projects tailored and perfectly optimized, from power to consumption, from application needs to durations, from packaging to logistics, up to the final application tests, even on the already integrated product.
Our strategy is based on continuous innovation and major investments in technology, human capital and production processes, making us extremely dynamic and able to drive fast market changes.

Our team

We are proud of our team: a group of 9 highly integrated companies and a brand that operate as a single player in the market, providing complementary solutions to each other. Our 5 R&D departments work side by side, sharing experiences and expertise to provide rapid responses in evolving markets.